Collaboration Network


I regularly work with other people and also have a number of people in my network that I turn to if I need help.


I would like to introduce you to

Kees Schenk

Kees Schenk - Eigentijds Nederland & Eigentijdse Jongeren

Kees is founder and director of Eigentijds Nederland(all ages) and Eigentijdse Jongeren(young conscious people), where he organises workshops for conscious connections, spirituality and healing. Kees is driven in tantric healing ways, sound healing and mantras. I work side by side with Kees in Eigentijds Nederland to provide the best quality workshops for the deepest conscious connections, spiritual growth and holistic healing.

Paula Lagerwij

Paula Lagerwij - Linked-in

Paula works energetically and brings a lot of lightness and clarity. She can guide people by asking the right questions to show the way to love and to provide insight into clarity and love.

Chiara van den Berg

Chiara van der Berg - Guru aan Huis

Chiara is a Yogi and gives Kundalini Yoga classes as well as individual Yoga coaching sessions. Chiara can motivate anyone to get into action and realize their dreams. Chiara collaborates with me, we inspire each other to get the best out of each other, and we also complement each other seamlessly. The 1 blind spot is the other's talent. We assists during each other's workshops to come to the core, to give healing and personal growth.

Sara Eenhoorn

Sara Eenhoorn - Nature Quest

With a deep connection with nature and pure soul, Sara Eenhoorn helps you get back in touch with your own nature. Sara hosts Shamanic campfire sessions in different city's around the Netherlands, I work together with Sara to host these powerful campfire session in my home town Leiden. Next to a fine facilitator and coach, Sara has a love for Shiatsu Massage helping people to heal their body, mind and spirit.

Thalina Den Haring

Thalina Den Haring - Youth Coach for the Highly Sensitive

Being very sensitive herself, she knows as no other how to help you cope with being Highly Sensitive. With Shamanistic influences as well as spiritual guides and nutrition she helps young people to heal and return to a balanced state. She makes you feel you are not alone, getting to your core issues by asking the right questions and really listening to you.


Eigentijdse Jongeren - founder,  Kees Schenk

Eigentijds Nederland - founder, Kees Schenk

Intouch - Martin Boom

De Kracht van Zelfredzaamheid - Angela Caranea

Nature Quest, Sara Eenhorn & Hendrik Looij

De Belichaming,  Nick van 't End

Passion Finding, Chiara van den Berg & Nick van 't End

Eigentijdse Jongeren team Den Haag

Eigentijdse Jongeren team Leiden