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Heal To Become Whole – Healing Insights
Our inner journey towards awareness, towards self love, with a Blog, Articles and a Self Help healing tool you can
Sensual Workshops
Sensual workshops, Deep connections with yourself and the other, deep and meaningful touch, conversations and exploration of yourself and others.
Passion Finding 1 on 1 Coaching
The Healing Insights provide workshops as well as 1 on 1 sessions for passion finding. Join the personalized 3 hour
Passion Finding workshops
Passion Finding doing something you love, to find what you truly believe in, working while expressing yourself and being yourself.
Chi Kung / Qigong
Chi Kung / Qigong, many people know Kung Fu or Tai chi, both a self defense, but mainly activating the

Empower yourself with the self help healing tool!

Holotropic breathwork
Stanislav Grof states that “in holotropic states, we can transcend the narrow boundaries of the body ego and reclaim our
Your Journey to your heart
Personal leadership, naturally following your heart, unlocking your full potential. Go on an adventure get back to yourself, away from
Shiatsu Therapy
Shiatsu (= finger pressure) is a preventive therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years ago in Japan and

Why Healing Insights

Our inner journey towards awareness, and self love. We believe that everyone has the right and the power to shine and enjoy life the fullest. Healing, becoming whole, the best you, loving all parts of you! Pursuing truth, creativity, knowledge, playfulness, beauty, feeling of joy, real deep gratitude and fulfillment in life. Do you want to come back to your own flow in life, are you seeking answers, do you want a passionate and meaningful career, you in need for a more permanent release in your body and free flow of energy, personal growth, insights for healing and a new look at your own life, then the healing insights is the place for you! Here you can find a self help healing tool to get yourself back on track. We also provide coaching, shiatsu massages. Workshops to get back to your own self, finding your own sensuality and self love and passion finding workshops.


My mission is to empower people so that they can shine and move towards self-acceptance and self love. With the intention to achieve sustainable transformation. Inspire and motivate people about the infinite possibilities and potential that lies deep within everyone. Opening eyes by healing insights, finding the way to the source the essence of life, toward self-awareness and love. My mission is to make as many people as possible experience life through authenticity and self-acceptance. Together with deep connections with themselves as with others, taking responsibility for once own life with yourself and the feeling that you are appreciated for who you are with everything you have to offer.

What can I help you with?

Do you experience physical stress and would you like to know the cause of it?

Are you stuck and are you looking for answers for healing?

Do you experience that unconscious blockages / beliefs stopping or blocking your development?

Do you stuck in life and do not you know which course you should go for?

Do you experience an abundance of choice and do not you know which choices are right once for you?

Would you like to stop obstructive habits?

Would you like to live your life from your heart and not from your mind?

Do you like to live with more self-esteem, self-acceptance,  self-love and authenticity?

Do you want more satisfaction, purpose in your life and meaning in your work?

Would you like insights for healing and a new look at your own life?

Do you need a more permanent release in your body and the free flow of energy?


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